Races, fun and chaos for everyone Intense races in that sweet spot between fun and the ultimate mayhem! Choose your style, circuit and jump into a unique racing experience and let’s begin the party! Big guns, big opportunities Grab the heavy artillery, you choose from a minigun, a laser cannon or whatever you prefer but be sure to teach those amateurs the real taste of some lead in the chassis. With friends it looks better Play alone or with your friends in the 4-split screen mode or up to 8 crazy racers through the online mode! Anyway, friendship is not forever It’s tough fight against your friends but there is no way they are going to win you, pull the trigger! Racing with style, drifting like a pro! The best way to go from A to B is by drifting all the way! And release the dragon boost and left behind that schmucks. They will taste some fresh sorrow! A party without big explosions is not a real party So here they are, some crispy homing missiles ready to make a big mess! What the… are those green thingies in the road? Well, they prefer to be called minions that are just doing their job... by the way, that job is to destroy you or at least be annoying. Do you remember the big guns? … At least but not least the feature list: More than 20 tracks in six types of circuits! 14 insane vehicles with unique style and skills. Your race, your rules, many different game modes, and race directives! 7 different artillery weapons to combat your friends and enemies. New gameplay mechanics like the Strike Back or the Rolling Strike! Local Mode with split screen and online up to 8 players ...