About Motor Strike Racing Rampage


About Motor Strike Racing Rampage

Motor Strike: Racing Rampage is a crazy game about racing and fighting at high speed with numerous weapons, skills and different cars to choose between, the idea is to be the fastest and avoid being destroyed in the process, the result is an intense racing experience where you need to take into account the enemy’s strengths and weaknesses.

If you want to play we have free demos available on Itch.io and Steam:

Itch.io Demo: Itch.io Link

Steam Demo: Steam Link

If you are looking for Motor Strike: Immortal Legends (The 2016 Title) here is the link to the page about it: Motor Strike: Immortal Legends


About the main gameplay!

The game is based in fast paced races where you will have to use a set of skills to defeat your enemies and defend yourself the idea is to gain boost by taking the boost areas or drifting and use the main weapon you choose and use it!. Also the game has a 2 main modes the team mode and the solo mode, in each mode you have to take into consideration that you are alone, or you have to play in a team!

There are 5 challenge level with two main leagues the Rookie league and the legend, also de the challenge level increase with the league.

Some special skills, you have a special skills per car and also you can perform a strike back (180ª + backwards moving with autopitlos that will allow you yo shoot and defeat the enemies behind you) or the rolling strike (Specially designed for the team matches) that will allow you to move between IA car in your team.


About the number of players

Developing a game as an indie shows you the huge challenge that is create a multiplayer game, not only because of the technical requirements but mainly because of the huge amount of player needed to ensure that anyone at any moment can play with others.

At the end we realize that the main point is to offer a great local experience (single or split screen) and let the multiplayer a way to play with friends remotely (up to 6-8 players)!


About Motor Strike Racing Rampage Game modes

All vs All / Team Race

The idea is to be the fastest, but careful being the first is a big risk. In the Team mode you have to ensure that the first one arriving at the goal is from your team

All vs All / Team Point Contest

The one that get most points wins, you can obtain points by being the fastest, killing enemies or minions. Playing as a team the one that get most points wins, your team gain points by being the fastest, killing enemies or minions, but careful about leaving behind your allies it will make the race much harder.

All vs All / Team Prometheus

Is a runaway race with lives, the twist plot is that the Prometheus can kill you, but also the enemies you have to be extra cautious and choose between being the firsts (far from the Prometheus but most exposed to the enemies) or keep near the Prometheus (it can kill you at any moment).

Dual Cup

Two races with a card draw in between. Just ensure to gain the max amount of points to win the race

Titan Strike

A series of 5 races with different objectives and rewards that will add bonus in order to run a last cup that will determine who wins the competition

About Motor Strike Racing Rampage Cars and weapons (Currently confirmed)

At the moment we have 14 cars with 3 different skins each one, but we have more to come!

Showcase of cars in the game


Animated gif Showcasing the weapons in the game


There is more to see About Motor Strike Racing Rampage?

No! There is much more coming we have just show a short introduction, so be prepare, there are much more features that we didn’t cover, like the tracks, new cars weapons, game modes and mucho more that will be covered in future devlogs.  Also we will cover the future roadmap, the plans and the stuff in development and a lot of crazy ideas we have for Motor Strike Racing Rampage!


After seeing this “About motor Strike Racing Rampage” Are you ready for the rampage?

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